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10 Steps for a Successful Fundraising CampaignEdit

Fundraising proceedings are a well admired type of fundraising.  While it can be a great source of money for an association, it can also be expensive and time consuming too. The victory of such occasions is depending on the careful planning. To make sure that the fundraising event will be a sure win, here are some of the components that you must try to incorporate when you will be planning a fundraising soon.


1. Have a purpose

Before making anything else regarding your  , you must come to a decision on what will be your purpose why you are having a fundraising. The question is always, “Is this truly a fundraising event” or maybe the association is just trying to lift funds from the event.

2. Fundraising Goal

Every organization had their goal to pursue. A lot of charitable institutions have more than a goal. Illustrating what are the goals and the details of the event will rely on what you are really trying to pursue.

3. Budget

Every fundraising campaign must have a complete budget plan wherein all of the possible expenses are listed. Budget plan is required when planning to hold an event. Your budget must include how many staffs will be needed, making invitations, renting of space, catering, entertainment equipment, transportation allowance, security, utilities needed and anything that might possibly be needed in the success of the event.

4. Leadership

As a component of your fundraising campaign, the event will have a “host committee” of one or more persons. These individuals are accountable for giving considerable total to the occasion and advancing others to make the same. The host committee is normally consisting of rich donors, local celebrities and business leaders. The host committee are not accountable for really running the occasion, but are vital in making sure that they have reached their fundraising goals.

5. Target Audience

You have to know who your target audience are for the event. Is this a universal fundraising wherein everyone is invited to attend, or you just have a certain respondents for your event?

6. Set – Up

Your event staff must plan the event well set-up in advance. The set-up must contain all of the details of the real event. Like where will it took place? Is there any food available to be served? Will there be any enjoyable or entertainment part in the event? What kind of dress code required? What is the programme of the event?

7. Marketing

Just like any latest product, your event must be forcefully market to your target viewers. You have to have the convincing power to your supporters that the event and the organization are worthy of their money, effort and time. You have to illustrate a whole marketing plan for the event. Possible methods will include phone calls, emails, mailed invitations, and house to house visit for available committee staffs

8. Sales

Once you have market the occasion, there must be a process in place for creating the real ticket sales, or taking contributions for the event. You


must have an option whether there are diverse contributions for the event. Even the selling of tickets must come to a decision, whether to sell it or deliver it to your prospective buyers or sponsors

9. Practice

While you maybe not needing a full run of your event, it is important that everyone else who is running the event must know before the actual event, what their tasks might be, or where they have to be during the event. If your event seems to be a huge one, then a practice is really needed to make sure that it will run smoothly on the actual day.

10. Thank You!

These kind words are not that hard to express but are usually forgotten. One of the main heard complaints from the contributors and donors for charitable fundraising events is that, “They never said ‘thank-you.’” Be sure that the association takes the effort to send or mail thank-you notes to everyone who attended in the event or sponsored in your event. Bear in mind that you have to keep your donors and sponsors happy, so you can have a second chance with them the next time you plan a fundraising campaign.

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